We suspect these images from Carolina Motorsport Park in South Carolina might give the lad who lent Rusty his scoot for a quick race, the case of the certifiable ebbiegebbies when he sees just how fast cornering speeds were...

Although not on the usual racing schedule, here we see Rusty giving a go at the next season's scoot (a Derbi GPR 50 (with a bore kit taking the wee elf to 75cc)...looks mighty like a bear on a moped, save for when you roll over the image and get to see him dragging a knee whilst attempting to spin the rear up...we say fine job indeed...now be a good lad and find us three of those (one for moi, one for Jimi, and one for yourself if you behave!!!)...lovely ride that it is...
phab digi photographer: Louis Gagne
in view

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