Right then, had to open with this rather volumetrically-hard-to-download-unless-you-have-a-modem-operating-at-speeds-nothing-short-of-a-T1-piped-through-the-bathroom-plumbing .jpg pic...lovely, really it is...in this first of many, we get viewance to Rrrrrrusty saddling up to the line, tyres oh so fresh (or at least not peelin' like bananas to the naked eye at this resolution), knee sliders worn to a nub, right hand on front brake with wrist cracked a wee bit open in that about to jump like a rabbit with it's tail caught fire position, and the scoot on the verge of wetting it's skirt in anticipation of the long road ahead (make that short, high speed, knee dragging, lip drooling, curves ahead)...bloody hell, rather disgusting one might say...

we'll have a go at putting Rusty's words below when he finally get's off his arse and requisitions said images - not that it will much matter for these mad pics scream a thousand words, and the editor will be hammering the keyboards with fists at speed, to come up with tangential prose that make feeble minds bleed when trying to conjur up such sensate...oh dear me...vile vile things to come indeed...
phab digi photographer: Louis Gagne
in view

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