To start with, this is a pic near Turtletown Tennessee that exemplifies the sum of the good and bad of the weekend ride. First and foremost, the scenery was absolutely incredible. And of course the roads were of unequaled twisting beauty. Then to keep one gravitated, there were the occasional spots of rain. Read below for Lee's full metalogue of the trip.

Friday: "Just two of us on KLR-650's, put in about 250 miles, a lot of it
on jeep trails and old logging roads. Up from Maggie Valley onto the Blue
Ridge toward Cherokee, turned off to the camping/hiking area at the Bald
and took the 26 mile old logging road down into Cherokee itself. Back
on the Blue Ridge all the way to Balsam. Off there and up onto Rosemount
Road above the Blue Ridge looking at some property. Found an ancient logging road but my buddy dropped his KLR coming out; knocked a hole in the clutch cover and dumped oil all over his right boot. Rode to a NAPA dealership and bought a tube of quick setting aluminum paste. That stuff is
amazing. We rode another 150 miles that day with no problems and no leaks.

Got a lead on a road off of Highway 276 (near the junction of I-40 and
276) going up to Cataloochie State Park. Pavement for 10 miles, then gravel, then pavement again into a beautiful but sparsely used park. Just at
the intersection of the second pavement segment, there is a great logging
road that goes almost 30 miles through old forest all the way to Cosby, TN.
Neat ride, I recommend it. Back onto I-40 for a fast run back to Maggie

Saturday: "Five of us, me on my KTM Duke, my KLR buddy on his Ducati
996, and my three other friends on a Honda CB1000F, a Honda Blackbird XX, and a BMW GS something (the big on-road/off-road twin). What a mixed bag we were! One of the more interesting things was the speed of my friend on the Blackbird. He and the 1000F rider have their bikes set up for touring
with tank bags, CB radios, a big rear rack and pack, and touring saddles.
You might not think that is the fast set-up, but though all three can really
ride, you ought to see that Blackbird go. He's a rocket! I can't keep
up and I was trying hard!! We did 380 miles up from Maggie, the Blue
Ridge, right on 441 toward Gatlingburg, left on 73 up to Townsend, TN (nice
place!) and then onto the Foothills Parkway for the run to Deal's Gap.
Through Deals on 129? down toward Robbinsville and a turn off to the
Cherahola Skyway. Ran out of gas on the Cherahola in the Duke with only
82 miles on the odometer since the last gas stop. Trying to stay ahead of
that fast Blackbird sure burns gas!! Did okay (nothing special) in the
turns, but got killed on the fast corners and of course the straights.
On to Tellico Plains and then it started raining. Long wet slog back to
Maggie, but a great time was had by all.

Still raining Sunday morning with more rain in the forecast, so we all called it a weekend
photographer: Lee Logan
in view
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