right then, common mistake...a mistake Nixon made as he boarded the White House chopper, waving peace signs to the crowd, then skulking off to drown his sorrows at a Hooters (well, he would have gone to Hooters if they had one then!!!) ...in the non rolled over view is Joey Dyer, pilota of a magnificant brand spankin' new Ducati Monster Dark, and lad about town who managed to pull cards to make a full house...which should have given him merit on his V for Victory sign he waves in this image (though it could have been Patrick's fault for killing the golden goose by crossing his fingers in this image)...

right then, well as the Brits do so daftly, Joey found that the there were 4 others riders who pulled four of a kind cards after him, leaving him to fly a different V for !#$%&! sign in the rolled over image...

all in all, definitely was a victorious ride, for we got to see quite a number of characters, helped to raise good monies for those in need, were able to ride like the wind (literally as we blew all across the road from mild 30mph gusts), and do another great ESSCAPE on a smart Sunday morn...well done lads (and lass), well done indeed...

photographer: jimi meuse

in view
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