Now do prey (pray?) tell, what could be better than getting out on your scoot on a bright cooled morn to have a bit of flog with the wheels in motion...well, I'll tell it on someone else's this case, the victim (sorry, volunteer) was Joey Dyer who let this author have a go down the road on one of the most superb handling naked bikes around - a Ducati Monster in Dark apparel...Joey's brand new glide, was everything and snorted when the throttle was applied, it stopped fast enough if need be to give me the monty python catapult, and it was quite easy and capable to steer around the bump ridden streets...lucky bastard that he is, the good man Joey and his new Ducati...

in the rolled over view, Patrick gets an eye and earful of another interesting ride - a 1958 cushman scoot, powered with what looked like a 50cc engine that pumped out a mere 5hp...the big lad in the back with the dark glasses was to pilot that little beast for the 140 mile ride ahead...don't think we ever saw him past his pit stop at point 1, then again, after listening to him talk, he must certainly have passed us somewhere in the route...

characters indeed...

photographer: jimi meuse
in view

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