Charity poker runs...three words that have significant meaning to those locked in cages for a might bit too long...where else can one do good for their fellow citizens (in this case families of fallen police officers (an org appropriately named CoPS)), play a bit of poker (legally), and run your scoot at speed dashing to and fro as the English rockers had done in years gone by between cafes (thus the addage of cafe racers) in the days that leather meant rabid characters and dangerous liaisons...

the rather tame game if there ever was one, is simply played by traveling to five differing locales, pick out a card from a crumpled bag at each stop, have it's value registered on a more crumpled piece of paper by a volunteer who is kind enough to not slap you for manhandling the cards and having a look in the aforementioned bag at each stop, and then hand in the hand at the last stop to see if you might have won large quantities of cash (or leather undies (oh, you'll see later the meaning of it all))...all in all, might bit of good fun it is...

in view on this image from left to right, we see white helmeted Kevin Conlon, Jimi Meuse my chief navigator/copilot/remind where I forgot to turn in/and quick with the moving digi camera gal, Joey Dyer gawking at his most magnificant new Ducati Monster Dark, Patrick Grone casing John's V Twin shop, and their riding mate Ray who handles his bike like a thirsty man drinks water (at full volume and with ease) on the above image to see the rest of the first stop's images...

photographer: jimi meuse
in view

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