digi phone cam photo'ographer: Jim Goodlett

nothing like a bit of bike drink for the KTM scoots to get the day's running off to a fast start...right then, and so begins the tail of the tale which had this author, Tony Mirando in red, and Jimbo Brunton in orange (and enough to fuel the bikes), out for a bit of an outing...one that took us not nearly as far and wide was one would suspect, but did give us plenty of wide grins...

We headed southern direct, down Waters Ave till it turns to Whitfield Ave, we came upon the area where the Truman Parkway is to cross the aforementioned roadway...those doing the loads of digging and earth shuffling, were really quite kind enough to leave us with trails galore, and well done riding opportunities that surrounded large holes left in the planet which were summarily deposited along the fly overs for the aforementioned parkway...it was like our own private playground was plopped in for us to find in a rather sporting way...

Well then indeed, let the games begin...

in view
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