What's not to absolutely love and laugh about this picture...and for starters, the sign near Lee's gasin' up scoot says it all (PLAY HERE)...as well we should and have done on many an outing with the King of Knowhere, his Honor Lee Logan...this particular vestibule is Harold's Country Club, a mixed bag of South Carolinian good down home Friday Saturday Sunday packed to the gills meat eatin (suppose they can toss a salad of sorts for us leaf lickers), potato slingin, pool playin', and beer drinking folks amidst the friendliest famous place you'll never ever find less o course you have honorable Lee as your guide...here you see a couple of the lads dismounting (L-R: Jim Goodlett, Steve Foote, Trevor's Duc looking bored with it all, and Lee hiding behind the gas pump)...the lads are about to go in for a sit down and some of that thirst quenching sodie water, as well as perhaps a game of pool or three...ahhh, but ain't it the life (it is when you are at Harold's)...!...
photographer: Trevor Wachsman
   in view                         

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