digi phone cam photo'ographer: Jim Goodlett

Seldom in my quickened lifetime of riding motocycles, has there been a new scooter type that will most suredly change the face of the glide, and as one should nod towards, change the face in racing (not mention mountain roadway riding at speed in need indeed)...borne from the dirt world but now shod with 17inch road wheels, a thumping pipe, and brakes that could stop a freight train, these rides make for a sporting smart time with wheel spin a plenty on exit of these curvalinear roadways.

in view is a KTM 625sx, a super motard of the super sensation type...the lad in the back with the cap is the owner of this spectacular beast, and as he told tale, powered through many a corner in the upright prone position without fear of a rear wheel that might step out (on purpose or not!)...nevermind the sound of a thumping single cylinder at speed...loverly indeed

in view
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