digi phone cam photo'ographer: Jim Goodlett

Local HONEY (and gods forbids, syruppy lass indeed)...ahhhh yes, well that is the proper manner for which this grande ESSCAPE began as we made our way to the land of the heavens sent curvalinear roadways of Suches Georgia that are set to the tune of dancing mountains...

TWO (two wheels only) was good enough to be putting on their splendid and spector engulfed 49cc mini race on roadways cut from melting butter (pronounced buttahhh) over the Halloweeeened holidays in the year of 2004...this event just so happen to coincide with down-time taken to recharge the batteries called life...

In the non rolled over view is one Jimi Meuse, taking a tasteful but restful wallow in an aptly labeled pumpkin patch...as one well should in times like these...and in the rolled over image, we see the reason that the rest of the hundreds showed for this weekend festivity...loverly indeed.

in view
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