and so it began, innocuous riding down unassuming roadways...

off from our la casa we launched...we being, John Mello and his fantastic sounded thumping Moto Guzzi all decked in black, and Jimi Meuse with her newly proud as a peacock dark red classic of classic scooters (an Italjet Velocifero 50 which sounds like a weedeater but is slightly faster with loads more cool factor)...and of course me on the fab toss it into a corner at speed weedeater Derbi GPR50 (with the modified factory 75cc upgrade kit (exclaimed yawn!))...

atuned from a break in the work schedule, we're headed out to Tybee to do a luncheon on the decks of George's great North Beach Bar and Grill with a mild sea breeze keeping the natives at bay and the foods unviolated by the wildlife...what more could one possibly beg for when taking a break from forced labor on the weekends...lovely then, we'll put in for one every weekend indeed...

photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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