Good gods dear reader, what started out as a quiet day approaching the Isle of Hutchinson at mild high 2 digit numbers had us being accosted straight out the gates by cheshire wearing tennis playing hooligans with white shorts, white shoes, and whiter grins that masked the predicament we were about to be in for...

like the one in the pic - a lad going by the disguised naming of Barry Buxton - these menacing ball swatter extraordinaires, gave us the hike finger when we rounded the corner of the tennis court parking lot to see if it was true that the courts had better adhesion than the off we truddled into wide open (and not so wide open) spaces to have a good (albeit rather wet) time in spite of not being able to test the mettle of the aforementioned surfaces...

the nerve indeed....

digi phone cam photo'grapher: Jim Goodlett
in view

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