ah yes, to wide open spaces indeed...and we're not talking about the space between the ears of the Pilota in the picture...especially since it is yours truly...

Off we go on this great ESSCAPE to do the maddest whirl wind tour of all the poignant places that one should go on a day like this...think maddening twisties between Savannah and mid coaster areas in SC, then have a fab sit down at THE Harolds, then light your tail on fire across old River Road by the Frank Llyod Wright designed plantation, then off to Bear Island and it's most spectacular roadway, and then on and on and on...but I am getting ahead of meself...for the moment, peer into the crystal ball in the pic above and garner view of upcoming destinations, all crammed into the tight spot of about 3.5 hours, with three fill-ups, and untold miles (cuz we are simply not prone to kiss and telling...yer honor)...!!!!!!!!!!!!...

photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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