When yer third grade teacher asked you a rather simple 'rithmatic'in question of what you might have when adding 2 plus 2 together, little did she understand that yer (rather smart alec) answer in the form of a question ("well, 2 and 2 of what!!??") was more appropos to 35 years in the future...in the first view we have 2 riders getting ready to ride, whilst in the rollover view we have...well...we have 4 monkeys monkeying for the camera at the BP launch pad/2nd official meeting spot...from left to right on this first of May ride we have the following in view - lead monkey Lee Logan, big smiled chimpin' for the camera Steve Foote, a John McIntosh who looks like he was annoyed to be woken from his slumber in the trees, and the long armed camera monkeyman Jim Goodlett...

photographer: Jimi Meuse / Jim Goodlett
in view

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