and so it began...a fun run, poker run, put on by the Chatham County Sheriff's Department benefiting a troubled boys and girls home (and benefit it did with well over 500 bikes registered and close to 600 people playing in the reindeer games (poker runs are done by having the participants pick a card from a bag at each of the 5 stops, with the most winningst hand receiving fab prizes!))...

the whole gig had us with a volumetric 100+ mile loop that took us from southside Savannah out into the wilderness of Georgia, back to civilized man (the Harley shop out by I-95?) and terminating us at the Chatham County prison for a good ole down home BarBque (or a heap of potatoes for those leaf lickers like I)...really quite a smarting time it was with vile amounts of mainly American horsepower scampering down the road and the coppers just pleased as punch with all the participation (even with two Euro scoots in the pack)...and it was all served up by a call from none other than fellow co-worker, monstrous new hi-tech Harley rider (can you say massive major reworking of the traditional Harley into a rather sleek but lung jerking scoot called a V-Rod that has the Harley crowd well divided), David Bruswick, who ran that bike like a scalded ape as we continued throughout the day to ride on the front of our 100 bike strong wave of thundering scoots...

photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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