Our man with the devilishly new fast scooter plan, Wade Britt, having a bit of a sit down before tossed in the auto and then poked at in the hospital...

what started out as a screamer early morning in the most drop dead gorgeous weather, ended with a mid morn turn one slider as he over cooked the front and then did the tumble to and fro...rollover the image to see the remains of the fab scoot...

It should however be noted that everyone who I have ever talked to about Wade says he is brilliantly fast, but a rather horrid sand bagger (Rrrrusty begged that I write this in)...guess some people will go to great lengths to say how they are in need of a handicap when on the scoot at speed...grin implied (but should also say Wade is lucky for all he ended up doing was breaking a finger, spraining a few ankles, and giving the bones a good tossle...also should say if my eMail memory is correct, he just made mention that he'll be back out sooner than soon on his other R1 for a coming June track day...no keeping a good man down, or the rest of us calm about his return!)...

photographer: Jimi Meuse
in view

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