Two bikes, zwei dorks on dos Ducs, uno fast track, one groovin' gal, and half of a full track day, leads to all kinds of learned experiences...and let's not forget the mayhem...or the mayoooo...

and speakin' of pickled sandwiches, it all started with a call from none other than Wade Wade Britt...blindingly fast Wade Britt...and our boy elroy, Rrrrrusty Nations...vastly fast Rrrrrusty Nations (a recent 4th place at that in a S.C. WERA event, puttering around behind a 996, 998, and Daytona Triple!!!!, and him on his lowly 748) here poor innocent me sits, getting the what for in both ears from these two lads...what's a guy to do, other than do the do...which of course led me to having did done do the through the sordid pics and wackin' streamed video to have a look see at the right proper learned experiences and wretched track day time had by one and all...

photographer: Jimi Meuse
in view

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