Ah yes, what a better way to start a racing school tale than this beginning of the end image...but first to fill in the cracks - the racing school was none other than the infamous Ed Bargy's (a lad that at his spry and tender age is faster than all of us combined, infinitely swifter of reflexes than most of those ballyhooing their years of riding experience, and far more knowledgeable about scooter riding at speed than the fortunate masses who have taken his classes)...the racer's course was a full day of classroom instruct interwoven with track time to excecise the learned repose with not only Ed Bargy at the helm of a well paced street bike, but also with the assistance of some blindingly fast instructional assistants on fully prepped race bikes...yee gods, pass the fuel por favor....

and with that said, in the main pic above we see me readying the front wheel guide the night before in Russssty's trailer, whilst Russssty aided with some additional scooter prep (lights unplugged, tape on tail lights, etc)...click on the pic above to see just how much of a pun this whole first scribe has been...

photographer: Jimi Meuse
in view

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