So how does one start a proper enduro dirt ride, one (or two) might ask...well, from the view of the pic above, it is rather obvious in this author's mind (or what's left of it after having salivated over getting a dirt bike ever since I was a young heathen)...we started our ride with a scouting expedition, that had Wade and I aloft for a couple of hours in the last hours of Wade's last plane (he was to sell it the next day)...plainfully good fun it was as we hovered above what should have been thousands of miles of asphalt as the overriding roadways, and instead it was quite the opposite with more curvilinear dirt jeep trails and just good ole fashioned dirt roads interspersing the pathways from city to city, and land owner to land owner...

above is yours truly beaming that silly faked cheshire grin that one gets when the pucker factor has over ridden the senses from Wade handing me the [guided] controls on our second takeoff (I choked the white out of the stick to be sure of), and Wade wearing his gear, including smart grin from the casual aforementioned...

now this is proper planning in good style...

photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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