It all starts on a handshake, so say the good folks back in the wiles of West Tejas, where you can see for 50 miles in any direct, or about 100 miles if you stand atop a tuna can (apologies in advance to songwriter Joe Eley for stealing that line)...and 50 miles of view is about what you think you see whilst in the stands near turn 1 at the AMA Daytona 200...

this race among races, had a group of three ESSCAPErs off to take in the sights (AND sounds!!!), as well as have a go at meeting one of the good General Lee's many connects in his life's travels...though it does seem quite silly to type the name upon these pages, above is Ducati's new stateside pilota of Eric Bostrom (or eBoz as the lad is known in the Brit trade) having a handshake and discuss with one Lee Logan (while just off Lee's left is Eric's quite smart sports agent, Norm Viano)...incredibly quick, focused, and beyond generous with his time, Eric seems to embody the affable if not approachable rider of our modern day say Ducati is quite lucky to have a lad of his demeanor representing and flogging it's product, is like saying the sound of the pipes from that bike have just a bit of a thump...

just a wee bit of an understate to be sure the racing event itself...

photographer: jim goodlett
in view

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