digi phone cam photo'ographer: Jim Goodlett and Jimi Meuse

Ah yes beginnings...of sorts...and of sorts indeed...the "gang" is grouped at our la casa about mid day, having finished with house chores and all the honey-do-lists, as we are now readied for a sporting time on the Isle of Hutchinson which is just south of the border, whilst the second part will be the boiyz having a go at jumping the border's fencing to do a bit of dredge pitting on SC side...bravo indeed...

thusly, in the non rolled over image, Tres Amigos y uno stupido gringo (you figure out which witch is which)...whilst in the rolled over image are the lads sitting atop the steeds ready for high speed bordering crossings and other rather silly high jinx to come...from left to right is the good brother Wade, Darth Vador Jim, T-Bone Tony, and alas but I, the REVerend Jimenez...amen and pass the throttle cable por favor!

in view
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