"Helmeted Space Aliens Invade Petrol Station"

Or something like that...at the bare minimum, it started out as quite a lovely day for a ride and a great ESSCAPE group to do it all with (11 scoots and their pilota's in total for this first new year's ride!)...bright lights and big city day about to turn into long windy roads and good bit of chill with a vast number of pit stops day once we finally got out of town...with one pitstop due in part to mad dashes to find the digi cam at home (NOT), then finally giving into buying a rather sordid disposable camera that would require loads of laborious picture scanning and creatively trying to pull some color and recognizable forms out...but all in good fun, and all in the first week of the new year...!!!...from left to right at the petrol station in anticipation for the journey ahead, space aliens Trevor Wachsman (in all black racing suit), to Craig Cocke, to Jim Brunton, to Donald Ansley, to a newly ordained scoot owner, John McIntosh...

sordid disposable camera photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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