This is the story of trying to ESSCAPE gravity...or the direct opposite of the Sir Isaac Newton's paradigm ~ "what goes up, is sho' nuff gonna come down"...

Witness our resident agile dirt digger extraordinaire, one Wade Britt, shown in the pic above, as he indicates a bit of that that theory after beginning the ride with a a doot ta dooo moment that we all have done more times than not...but alas, when it is someone of Wade's quite capable skill, the moment goes much faster, at almost Newtonian defying fact one might even go so far as to say, Wade came up faster then he went down...then again, guess the motivation of having some smart arse with a phone cam behind you who is feverishly trying to pull said aparrati from the pockets, gives one incentive to make it appear like nothing happened...

alas, no better way to begin another well needed and heeded dirt ESSCAPEr...

sordid digi cam photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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