first rides of new machinary, like sacrifices to the volcano gods by the natives some hundreds of years ago, should never be discounted and seldom should be ignored given all the bellowing and hand waving by the wheel spinning crowds who have amassed for the festivities and carnage to come...that said, what exactly the last line means may only be deciphered by reading the rest of the tall Tejas tale to come, but I will warn the readers that it does speak to the verocity of the day, save for most of us were not dancing around a stake, but yet were all sliding round well washed roads and trails like drunken conquerers with socks upon ice...

this then opens the ESSCAPEd ride caught upon digi-film, with our newest member moved well beyond the diety of dirt virgin by the end of the outing...welcome Alton Coursey and his spectacular KTM 950 Adventure S model which needs little introduction given both their lineage (Alton is madder than a hatter, and the bike was birthed from the wiles of Paris Dakar rallies of yore)...welcome indeed...

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sordid digi cam photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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