alright then, so you say that this starting image has nothing to do with dirt dancing...well, in a rather twisted bit of way, it really, does...above in view in both the rolled over, and non rolled over images represent a smattering of toys that boys are inclined to want in their travels of life...and from there we go down the trail to make an impossible link to using toys (with slightly more horsepower) "on any Sunday"...

above, this was my past birthed-day gift from the Misses who so wisely decided that it best to get me the little red flyer in the window before I threw the necessary tantrum to get said toy...continue through the series below, and see more toys, less tantrums, and good travels...

click on the thumbnails below, row by row, from left to right to see the next in sequence...

sordid digi cam photographer: REVerend Jimenez
in view

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