and so the end begins with a quickened call for a smarting 4+ hour ride on dirt surrounds that we have enjoyed for some time since 5 of us bought these KTM LC4 enduro scoots...

on this ride before Super-T pulls anchor from Savannah and heads towards his new abode in HOTlanta, we have Tony Mirando (thus so named Super-T for a previously unscheduled near aerial dismount on a previous ride (legs skyward, arms forcing hands to grip the controls with death defying strength, and the required thousand yard stare)), one Wade Britt, and this author who all join in a bit of well needed off road folly...

glad we were able to stuff this ESSCAPE in the midst of all the packing that Super-T was now mindfully ignoring...

sordid digi cam photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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