high powered props spun, imaginary bogies diving at 12 o'clock, little kids taken for 250 horsepowered aire-ponied rides, a wilderbeast the size of an elephant roasted upon open flame, big kids taken for Monster rides, and four delinquents straddling scooters at speed is how this ESSCAPE ride should best be opened...and wide F-ing opened it was, as Wade-o the ESSCAPEr and his hanger sharing compatriot if not aeronautical engineer extraordinaire John Calvert, have a go at their annualized aeroporto party in Sylvania Georgia...

To set things off with a woosh long before we arrived, in the main view above, resides Wade-o having pulled out the chocks and running fairly much WFO'd, is captured flying feet above the deck over the infield of the triangulated runways...loverly opener as it was indeed.

to navigate this sequence click on the thumbnails below going from left to right, row by row, to spyball the verbiage and accompanying pics...

sordid digi cam photographer: Rocky
in view

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