Right then...whats to say about this tosser in the fine apparal of goofy shorts, business man socks (cuz the business is racing with Sidi boots), and that great go get em attitude expressed in a 70's era thumbs up...?...how about having his brother standing next to him (err, make that towering over him), makes him look a bit more respectable...!...

with the end of the SEMRA race season upon, me bruddah Erik (and now new ESSCAPEr), his fine barking beast, me beloved bride to be Jimi, and fellow ESSCAPEr Tony Mirando, have all come to Elgin SC to enjoy the sporting endeavors with a cast of racers far faster than the lump of white boy and his branded socks...

in view is one Jim Goodlett, bested by his brother Erik, while in the rolled over image is Erik with the carnivour, Einstein who had a go with his deadly bark at all that racket coming from the track...great smarting start indeed...

digi photographer: Jimi Meuse
in view

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