as I finally stowed image capture device and maddeningly paddled away to catch with the lads, I came upon John who was hoisting his scoot that had the front end wash as the rear fish tailed on slow go from the trench that FTJ dug shortly before (just ahead towards the top of the pic, you can see FTJ keeping the throttle pinned)...this drop turned out to be a battering as later after our outing, John would learn much to chagrin, that he had separated his shoulder as the bike augered would have never known it from the way he rode the rest o the time...

in the rolled over image, we eyeball John further up the trail having a bit of rest from where the mud turned to flyfishing waters..for someone who has not ridden this trail nor known the lay of the landscape, he hid the lack of local knowledge quite well...

that said, for those that have proclivity to moving images far faster than those above, you can check FTJ's vid sequence which has John having a go at the last section and doing a quite respectable jobber, whilst I navigate waters behind all the whilst, eating volumes of muddied water slung from his rear tyre as if I were not to enjoy FTJ's fling to come...check an eyeball/earball full of the following:

to navigate this sequence click on the thumbnails below going from left to right, row by row, to spyball the verbiage and accompanying pics...

sordid digi cam photographer: REVerend Jimenez

in view
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