ah yes, weight...and being able to move at speed in need indeed...on the way to our Sunday racing ventures in Starke Florida, we happened upon this sign near a county called Keystone...I nearly threw our breakfast through the window as I slammed upon the brakes...for you see, in racing, especially at my speeds, weight loss means speed gain...I called the number on the sign once we got to the track and wondered aloud if they could indeed put my well defined scoot on such a program...50lbs in 90 days did not seem unreasonable...heck, I would probably lost at least ten pounds sweating after I realized that nary a shot of my crew chief (and bride) was to be found in the camera...they were not amused, nor did my seriousness in the matter make much matter...

at the SEMRA event in Starke I was simply destined to plod along against the competition that I am quite sure had been to this weight (vs. wait) class...that's my story and I am most certainly sticking to it for our journeyed ESSCAPE today...

digi photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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