and what a way to top off a days worth of superb knee sliding riding...with choices between delicacies like Micky-Ds and other fast food diners, we opted for a 22 mile travel southwest of the more than palatable Gainesville with the splendid and thriving downtown that mixed the architecture of the old with new multistory venues that had commerce at the ground level, and toney looking condos above...

after completing several [walking] laps around the inner core, we settled on a fab asian quisine restaurant called "Liquid Ginger"...we had an extraordinaire asian egglant sauteed in a reduced soy sauce, fresh salmon in a spicey cream dill sauce which was gently layed upon a bed of fresh garden lettuce, several vegetarian rolls that were oh so lightly fried with a soy dipping sauce, and an entre of superb shrimp seasoned with a hint of tom yung guin soup...makes my ears bleed just thinking about it...

by the end of the dining experience, our taste buds decided to leave us as they could scarcely be expected to enjoy the same for some time to come...and thus, just one more body [part] doing the great ESSCAPE indeed...

digi photographer: Jim Goodlett

in view
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