this track day is really in need of a plural explanation as Ivor Wigham the Brit from across the pond, built a widely [and wildly] varied facility called European Rally and Performance Driving School...

left in the pic above is a superb rally course made of what appeared to be hard pack white dirt (not slow bog down sand mind you) that allowed the folks who do that school, some rather long bits of four wheel drift time in their Subura sourced the north of our track near the top right of the pic is an ATV course or two, and then in the red square is a purpose built karting track that is also setup for minis like no other...this knee sliding, front end drifting on every corner track was so well laid out that it kept the racing tight for those with the know...on the whole, it is a facility that is the business times ten...we'll take two please...

digi photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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