Track days conjure up a plethora of images...and subsequent words to tell the rest of the tale...and this is one such tale with loads of images paired down to the set below from a superb weekend that took us away from the drudgery of having to mow the grass in the front 40 which was sure to be knee high upon return...

This event's tale took place in Starke Florida, which is just about stark nekid devoid of things to do save for go racing at the exceptional Euro Rally race facility, or drive 22 miles due southwest to Gainesville, where superb food and a lively downtown are to be had after you go to flog the bikes and look to nurse sore muscles that will not be inclined to cut the aforementioned lawn with anything short of a flamethrower, in the seated position...

so in view we jump ahead, to Jimi, eyeing the pit in traffic coming from beyond...already off to the ESSCAPE one could the thumbnails for more...

digi photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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