On this hotter than hell mid afternoon Sunday'd ride, an applicable nursery rhythm of Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick was never more true to form in the coming tall Tejas tale...and what better way to start a ride then to have the cheshire wearing Flat Track Jack looking giddy about his new rear wheel which sports what appear to be near spikes (non DOT approved spikes mind you) protruding from the rear tyre...as we shall see in the road to nowhere to come, this will not only be quite useful, but rather obnoxiously good fun...

rotter that FTJ is with this dirt flinger...

to navigate this sequence click on the thumbnails below going from left to right, row by row, to see the next in sequence...

All sordid digicam photogs by the REVerend Jimenez unless noted by the jeering masses (Alton and
Rocky) as they vigorously snatched said cam to gleefully make one muppet look a bit cheeky...rotters indeed
in view
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