After a number of drenching rain days this week, the gods must have gone on vacate as we are treated to a moments stoppage of the deluge, a parting of the clouds, however the expected cherubs were in rather short supply, save for the ones that would be twirling around Steve's head later on...that said, this particular On Any Sunday ESSCAPE ride, we are indeed in for a treat as Steve Foote was to earn not just his stripes but a well embued past times, he has made valient attempt to gain nomenclature such as Sub Commander, Mr. Fix It, and BMOCs (Big Man On Cushioned Seat), but alas nothing quite stuck...that is till today...

on this early morn, upon the opening main stretch of tarmac, Cowboy (as we now affectionately call him), decides to give a precursor to his rodeo riding abilities as he straddles what appears to be less than tame steed in a mild seconding fact to quote an eMail sent thereafter to John and Craig who are considering joining in the reindeer game, Cowboy waffles on the bronco's ability:

"KTM classifies the 625 SXC as a "Hard Enduro" and it is basically an insanely powerful, sub-300 pound dirtbike that can easily be plated for the street. Want to wheelie in first gear? Twist the throttle. Want to wheelie in second gear? Again, just twist the throttle and up she comes. Want to wheelie in third gear? Chop and twist the throttle and up she comes. Same for forth. I'm too chicken to try fifth."

Nothing like starting the ride in an anticipatory proper form...

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sordid digi cam photographer: REVerend Jimenez
in view

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