and so we land upon the midway point of the ride ~ that of Bennetts Point on Bear Isle in South Carolina...the road leading up to this place is one of our favorite as it keeps the curvalinear roadway completely covered by dripping oak trees and sun blocking pine trees, then whammo, you open to the great blue yonder with marsh views to the left and right as far as the eye can see...

the terminus point comes to tour favorite convenience store which has character written all over it...In the non rolled over image, we see a new clerk of sorts having a go at keeping up with the locals tabls...however, overhead, still retaining the number two spot as indicated by the red arrow's locale, we see donating again for the Bear Isle volunteer fire department...

in the rolled over image, we see the back room replete with mega scale to give measurement to shrimp that weigh more so...the gents in in view drop the fresh caught shrimp to the apparati in view near the scale, pack them with ice, run them across a conveyer belt to give the little buggers a bath, and then drop them to the large fast as they can get it in, is as fast as they can sell it...

sordid digi cam photographer: Jim Goodlett

in view
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