A bit into the ride we make our first real pit stop at the world famous Harold's Country Club...the staff is having a go at cleaning the interior from the night before, which on Fridays and Saturdays means that it is standing room only for not just fab food, but brewskis a plenty by the locals who come from far and wide...

under the watchful eye of Steve, Kevin attempts to fill the steed with the necessary fuel in the non rolled over image...this is Kevin's first time at Harold's as well, and he was treated to the lass behind the counter who cheerfully thrusts the return change to us with the slowness of a patriot missile as indicated in the rolled over image...they were quite good enough to allow us a moments rest and replenishment amidst all their hard work to clean the place in anticipation of the week to come...!...

Harold's Country Club is a legend of a location even after Harold's passing some number of years back...this place also has great history for us as well on our South Carolina rides over the last several years...a stopping point we do so enjoy...!!!!...

sordid digi cam photographer: Jim Goodlett

in view

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