The peril begins a day in advance, when this author under the realization that something must be done about a bent center stand, begins a series of panicked calls...for upon the last ride, when I had dismounted with scoot on center stand to aid another rider's throttled scoot, my glide tumped over like a piano from the 13th floor...the center stand it seems, stayed in the ground upon the left side, and with 300 lbs falling to that side, bent the center stand so that it interfered with the swing arm's ability to dance unencumbered...after some rather hurried calls, Alton and his infinite mechanical wisdom simply relayed that I needed to:

a) stop hyperventilating when looking at the center stand which was getting in the way of the swingarms ability to move (STEP ONE in the non-rolled over image).

b) then, in STEP TWO (rolled over image), take it off, put one part under the motorcycle stand and the other under a hydraulic car jack to bend it back out.

c) and in STEP THREE, relish in the genius it takes to fix wanked parts...

lovely then, after nearly popping my spine out the back trying a less smarter way (WAY LESS SMARTER WAY), the rest of the eve was spent tightening bolts and getting the stand back on our soon to come next morn's ride...

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sordid digi cam photographer: REVerend Jimenez
in view

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