Now this is truly how the first set of frames should be represented, and not placed as the last image, although it was quite really from the end of ride after water has been shaken from the interior of the boots and sprayed on the exterior to get the rather smelly slime off...confused yet...?...

in view reside a set of Sidi boots, wallowing in loads of water, as they would be at least twice within the first 15 minutes of our trip's launch...for you see, on the way to the dirt, we came upon a downtown traffic light beckoning us to stop at a quickened pace, so we wound down through the gears chattering the rear tyre...producing no less a wee bit of racket from the pipes as well...simaltaneously on the walk to the left, two lads in uniform were giving question to some unsuspecting suspect when suddenly THE hooligans come into not only view but earshot (if not gunshot)...both the gents rear around and as the light kindly turns green for me, I decide that exit stage front is smarting, whilst one of the aforementioned proceeds to accoust John to give reprimand on our speeds (thought we were stopped?!?!?)...I waited up the road for John as I tried to dry me wet bloomers and boots...but alas all the watering was for not...John sitting atop his spanking new KTM LC4 400, decided to let the lads in blue know that he was not the hooligan street rider (he being on an offroad vehicle) they sought from the day before, and besides, he was most certainly not speeding coming to a stop light...Sir...

right then, fast (and I do mean fast) forward to us finally making way to Hutchinson Isle and the thickened trails which as it turned out, the entry point to several locales now were turned to a gator infested wading pools that this author not so gently plowed into...whilst boots quickly filled with pirranah fish, it took both John and I to wrestle my scoot to the seemingly shore line...after having to find back trails that again plowed through the shark ponds, I managed to come out the other side and we decided it best to forward past the Isle's less than hospitable riding and give view to our dredge pittings...

sordid digi phone cam photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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