And the Plantation Airpark welcome committee comes bounding out after we flew down the taxiway at speed to dismount and give rest to the barkers amidst a flurry of family clutching chill'ren near the hanger...all in good fun then right...?...

but I see through the wide grins on display by the two nutters nearby, as this picture will most likely be posted to to INTERpol in no time at all...a smarter man than I would have seen through the lads' attempt to run rough shot over my my stellular reputation as I will be now seen cavorting with such wreckless characters...the wire alert will no doubt say something to the extent of:

The wanted three miscreants pictured above have at least 150 years of jailhouse visitations coming to them, as well as 150 tickets amongst them, if not 150 miles of complete and unabashed story telling to be told as they will nervously be awaiting the next interrogator to administer the beatings to come.

I on the one hand will hold out long and hard and promise not to speak a word of the stash in Lee's plane's bulkhead, nor tell tale of the rum running expiditions of Wade in the dead of night with nary a light on...

only fair then idn't it..

sordid digi cam photographer: Jim Goodlett

in view
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