as we made our way in to the fourth stop, a volumetric lad made his way to the pave' upon exit...second week out on his brand spanking new Yamaha had him pegging the throttle right before seeing the skies and tumbling off backwards...the bike deposited its entire oil contents as it skidded along the ground for 15ft...the bike took a tow trucks ride homeward and the lad in question took an Ambulance ride to a nearby hospital in order to control the swelling knee and put his wrecked wrist back together...

as an aside as I step atop my soapbox, one of these fairer days, someone with more smarts than political yearnings will step up to the plate in legislative sessions and put a bill before the masses that would require anyone buying sport bikes with greater than 110hp to the rear wheel, to take a track riding and dirt riding course, and learning what happens when you throttle the throttle, and how to properly apply the brakes at speed...right then, stepping down from said box...buggers that this had to happen to anyone.

sordid digi cam photographer: Jim Goodlett

in view
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