Alas, just me and the wee lad Alton were out and about for an April FOOL's day flogging upon the Isle of MEGAhhh which had recently turned to the Isle of MEGAhh EGGahh as you will see...never mind the near duck paddle across that 'one' of us nearly took...

Alton came aboard his smarting Katoom 9fiddy, and I upon what was left of my previously ape handled Katoom 6foddy ~ the bike that the aforementioned other lad managed to rodeo to the ground upon last week's outing...none highly worse for the wear, we spirited off after a bit of petrol and notice that the rear tail light was busted to other better way to start a grand ESSCAPE one imagines...

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sordid digicam photographer: REVerend Jimenez
in view

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