and once back across and nearing the end of the ride, the bike swapping begins and is followed in suit by massive throttle twising on all sides...we did laps around the Isle and mainland like it was our last ride...EVER...incredible bike handling ensued amidst the front wheel drift and rear wheel spinups...

in the non-rolled over image, Steve is just about to mount Rocky's 9fiddy, whilst Rocky already stands atop the Suzi 400...the lads took off, trail way in front and to the sides, with all the calm temperament of a scalded ape...

in the rolled over image, as is requisite when throttling the throttle, the lads have a bit of discuss on the bikes, tuning the ride styles for the new bikes, as well as converses on what would be the ultimate in scoot (Rocky said with a grin, I want your bikes with my power")...right then, shall I go ahead and order the ambulance in advance???

another great ESSCAPEr to be sure of...!...,

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sordid digi cam photographer: REVerend Jimenez

in view

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