in the non-rolled over image:
"yes yes, go say there is part of the road missing about a 100 meters up after a quick left and two rights...right...and yes, there is an abandoned rally car about 50 meters further after you take the left and then right then right again...right, and watching for errant deer that might be dashing through the woods is always a good thing...right...sorry, but would you mind calling my Mommy and tell her I am coming home right F@#%!*ing now...?..."

in the rolled over image:
after the timing lass has dropped the hand, Lurch errantly comes lunging towards Alton as he goes to take this snap of him snapping off the problems as Lurch was able to right himself and the scoot to go blistering down the trail for another record setting problems for Lurch that is, whilst I believe that Alton wet himself...

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all sordid digicam photogs by one of the following: Jimi, Alton, Rocky, Jack, or the REVerend Jimenez
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