Early in the morn, during the first part of the season (as in WINTER FRIGGIN COLD SEASON), off we went to see who would show for the beginning ride of the year...from the night before and 10 minutes before we skeedaddled out the door, we got eMails, phone calls, and smoke signals from numerous who came to their senses and determined that 37 degrees F, was to F-ing cold...so what if they were smarter than the collective we...?...all those stay at home riders got was warmth, comfort and not a gust of wind to raise the flag...we on the other hand, had the good fortune to be met by two lads in extermely warm (read as smart) clothing, nevermind the heated handgrips, heated suits, heated debate on using heat, and heated ad infinitum (which we'll touch upon again in short)...

in view from left to right are, Jimi Meuse, Steve Foote (hiding view of his superb new R1200 GS BMW), Pat Grone (whose fairly new Bimmer is being hidden by Jimi), and yours truley (with wide tooth grin from ear to ear hiding cold hysteria (let not the sun's brightness dispell the issues of warmth and its lacking presence))...

sordid digi cam photographer: Jim Goodlett
in view

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