In the end (no pun intended), the lads stand tall for an adios ending great ESSCAPE pic after we erroneously tried to scout the driveability of the batcave entrance to the Dredge Pits which was not to be as the 'gator trails through the swamp were bigger than our bikes...thus, we came back to the roadway whereupon we were accousted by large signage for a house of ill repute which we all swore to have not noted previously (amen and pass them butter and biscuits says the REVerend Jimenez)...

initial plans for this ending pic were for myself to be extricated out of view, and instead, I would use the image as possible blackmail to their spouses...I would then simply ask the lads for donations in order that it would remain clear of their Misses' eMail inboxes...that was until Steve yawned vigorously, Alton kept dancing around excitedly at the off chance that the sign in the background implied he might be an adult, and Cap'n Jack grabbed a discarded beer bottle and started singing the sailored favored 99 bottles of beer on the wall till I yes then, I was forced into hear me Jimi, FORCED I say...

meanwhile back at the rancho deluxe...the lads finished the bike chatter and said their good buh byes, disappearing into the sunset with a cloud of dust trailing...a rather great ending to a greater ESSCAPE...well done lads, well done indeed...

sordid digi cam photographer: Jim Goodlett

in view
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