some months back, I got an E from a lad across the pond by the name of Denis living in Norway close to Oslo, Denis and his family moved from Bosnia during the conflict some decade ago...seems as though Denis picked my info off one of the Euro motorcycle boards I post to on the occasion...through numerous eMails and IM sessions, have learned that Denis is a senior in high school in Norway, and an absolute nut about motorcycles...he pilots the fantastic new design of the Derbi GPR50 and uses it as his daily transport...accordingly, as he moves into University studies, he has a want to study industrial engineering to design transportation kind, soon I'll be posting pics he sent from the Norway International Motorcycle show that he visited a month or so ago...

now as our ESSCAPE correspondant in Norway, Denis has a go one weekend in June with a mate of his, Kent, who lives in Oslo...the two lads met in Drammen, then headed for the Denis' words on this pic:

"This is the route: Sandvika-Skaret-Sylling-Lier-Drammen-Asker-back to sandvika...

This [pic] was after a long uphill, we took a break, there are a lots of motorcycle people who stops here...its a good wiew down to the see, but you cant see the water on this pic...[this area is called] Skaret, and after Skaret it is a beatiful road, lots of corners...this section of corners is from "Skaret" to an another place called "Sylling

quite smarting area is what we the thumbnails below for more ESSCAPE pics

digi cam photo'grapher: Denis Burzic
 in view

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